Retail Energy Partners’ singular focus is to partner with retail energy suppliers on an exclusive basis and help their organizations grow through proven acquisition, care, and retention initiatives. Retail Energy Partners was recently founded by Christian Bailey, who has been delivering successful energy marketing results for over twenty years. Learn more about how Retail Energy Partners can help your organization reach its goals.


Retail Energy Partners provides highly scalable and customizable sales initiatives that are exclusive to our clients’ interests. Whether you want to focus on a specific consumer segment or a particular market, Retail Energy Partners has the capabilities, knowledge, and experience to exceed your expectations. Our company works with only the highest caliber, proven sales representatives who are ethical and who have the skills that our clients demand.  Our company provides extensive education and training to our representatives so you will have peace of mind knowing that what is being communicated to consumers is exactly what you expect.


Customer care is often the glue that keeps your customers with you. Retail Energy Partners understands this relationship. A key part of growing your business is taking care of the customers you already have. Solving customer issues quickly, consistently, and effectively is critical in today’s retail energy world. Retail Energy Partners has the breadth of experience and knowledge to provide you cost-effective, stand-alone, or integrated customer service solutions.  Our company's owner has  been solving customer issues for energy retailers for a long time.  Retail Energy Partners understands the importance of providing top-shelf customer service.


It is significantly more cost effective to keep customers than to replace them. In our extremely competitive world, Retail Energy Partners offers our clients comprehensive and integrated customer retention solutions that will help improve satisfaction, reduce turnover, and maximize lifetime value. Whether it’s improving renewal conversions, reducing customer turnover, or creating high-value account management programs, Retail Energy Partners has worked extensively in this area with proven results over the years by developing proactive customer retention programs with leading energy retailers.